11.11.2017, 20:30Uhr, Performance „Dreams of porcini“

Join us for an evening of improvised performances from Aleks Slota and mormorr.

Aleks Slota (b. 1978, Poland) is a conceptual artist working primarily in the mediums of performance and sound art. He has performed internationally as himself and with the collaborative sound group OKO.
Slota creates performances that follow three simple rules, no rehearsing, no acting, and no entertainment. These rules allow for improvised and dynamic works that challenge audience engagement and the perceived safe space of the performance venue. His work has been described as having a postmodern gothic sensibility, emerging from the influence of the metal, punk, and noise music scenes.
The work is created with the concept of extreme lucidity in mind, resulting in projects that are clear in their intention and precise in their execution, relying on minimal actions and few materials to express their goal. www.aleksslota.com

mormorr violist Marie & electronicsist Kamil create tangled, raw, organic sounds out of their love for animals and mushrooms. sometimes they sound like roots of plants growing in the middle of a forest, and sometimes like a yawning badger + anything in between.

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