27.02.15 // 21:00 Uhr // Primmer the Dance version „Master Shoko and Marigarita“ // japanisches Theater

“ You will remember this day, the day with the perfect blue sky …“

What is it that we will see the universe in the small things?

There is a room with many doors. One door is for a Polish man, other door is for a Japanese Lady, and another
for a Russian men, and finally the last is for a German women. Then we open those door,
but we are all in the same room, we all share one world.

One day Shoko met Yura by chance in the schnefelt airport.
Yura come to meet his girelfreinds but it doesn’t work well…He wants to success in his life, it is direfecult…
and his has some secret himself….

He starts telling his favorite Russian story „Master and Margarita“…

written and Acting by Shoko Ito,
Directed Shoko Ito and Kei Takei,
Choreography Kei Takei;
(Nagano-Olinpic-Geme Choreographer)


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