Dienstag, 9. Dezember 2014, 20.30 – Konzert, improvisierte Musik

Quintet „MOVE“ mit Dag Magnus Narvesen ( drums -Norwegen),Emilio Gordoa (Vibraphone-Mexico), Adam Pultz-Melbye (Bass-Dänemark), Mateusz Rybicki (Klarinette /Bassklarinette-Polen), Harri Sjöström ( Sopran &Sopranino sax-Finnland)




M0VE is an experimental improvised music group with international roots from Finland , Denmark, Norway, Mexico, and Germany composed of five members:  Harri Sjöström, Adam Pultz Melbye, Dag Magnus Narvesen, Emilio Gordoa and Achim Kaufmann.
They all met in the vibrant city of Berlin and performed together including different guests like the polish bass clarinetist Mateusz Rybicki, who will join for this concert.
This quintet plays with a broad range of sounds and have the characteristic to be very dynamic. Although difficult to define, Move’s style could be characterized as unique since each member of the group have big skills of how to play they instruments in a nonconventional way.  They use an extended language allowing them to move from different styles as free jazz, or explosive avant-garde music,
as well as free improvisation with soft noises and complex sonorities.
The music of the quintet is described by the listeners as: Unexpected, spontaneous, fresh, surprising, seductive.  Cooking at its best!

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