Justin Peake, Wave Bender, Sub Human Bros – Live am Freitag, 18. Juli 2014 um 21.00 Uhr

Justin Peake (US) Alabama born Justin Peake is a drummer, percussionist, sound designer, DJ, music theorist, composer, visual artist, and recording producer, splitting his time between New Orleans and New York.

His solo performance consists of a unique blend of acoustic percussion works and electronic manipulation of sound.


WAVE BENDER (FIN/JP/GER) WAVE BENDER. Exploring Sound. Using Piano, Bass and Drums. Fiddling with knobs occasionally.

R.Okuda A.Virtaranta C.Hill

www.soundcloud.com/wavebendermusic www.wavebender.tumblr.com

Subhumanbros (JP)

Sub Human Bros are Electronic techno band of real Japanese brothers. Sub Human Bros reminds a middle school techno, house music,Detroit techno,80’s-90’s Disco sound.

Their tracks contains real time arrangement mixing with MPC control, Synthesizer filled emotion with Auto synchronization of real brothers.

Live recordings. https://soundcloud.com/subhumanbros/sets/sub-human-bros-free-release

Dj mix “Black Mchine Music” https://soundcloud.com/subhumanbros/black-machine-music-mp3

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