Mi. 06.12.2016, 20:00Uhr, KINO; Polish Wave – kurze Filme

Polish Wave is a multilocational initiative which promotes Polish audiovisual culture. It is organized by the Ad Arte Foundation of Cultural Education – the organizer of Short Waves Festival. From Brasil to Taiwan, Dublin to Berlin – audience from all over the world will have an opportunity to watch carefully selected sets of new, exciting Polish short films which capture the essence of so-called “Polish wave”: new phenomenon on the domestic audio-visual scene.

Program am 06.12.201 im Club der polnischen Versager e.V. Total time: 95’:

The selection includes 6 films. A new generation of directors is growing, whose films are worth to show and appreciate because of valuable and unconventional themes. Arthouse interwinds with genre cinema and besides important social themes there is also a place for comedy and experiment. Films selected to the program divide a lot but with no doubt they are connected by three characteristics: they are short, good and Polish.


Poland 2016. Dir. Katarzyna Kijek, Przemysław Adamski. Animation. 7’. 

A screenwritter finds himself in the center of the story he tries to create. Autoironic attempt to deal with the syndrome of the first film, which is an irresistible desire to showcase all ideas at once.

Close Ties

Poland 2016. Dir. Zofia Kowalewska. Documentary. 19′

Forty five years of marriage is an impressive anniversary. Eight years ago Zdzisław left Barbara for his lover. Recently he decided to get back to his wife. However everyday life in one apartment seems to be quite a challenge for the married couple.


Poland 2016. Dir. Artur Hanaj. Animation. 5’

If you want the dough to rise, mix flour with yeast and milk. Then put the dough in warmth, so it rises a bit. Finally knead it well, place in the baking tin and put in the oven.


Poland 2016. Dir. Emi Buchwald. Documentary. 20’

In one elementary school children are told to learn Julian Tuwim’s poem “Science” by heart as homework. The poetic phrase is sometimes incomprehensible, some words require explanation, but parents come to their aid.

Three Conversations on Life

Poland 2016. Dir. Julia Staniszewska. Documentary. 24′

A series of difficult conversations between a mother and a daughter. The mother is a doctor and a devout, practicing Catholic. The daughter is an atheist  whose children were conceived through IVF. The mother is torn between love for her family and Catholic beliefs.

Zagraj ze mną (Come play with me) 

Poland 2016. Dir. Milena Dutkowska. Fiction. 20′.  

Lisa visits her cousin, whom she hasn’t seen for 5 years. They return to the childhood games, the ones they used to play together. In their provocations they seem to be invincible, until they meet Robert.

Organizer: Ad Arte Foundation of Cultural Education, Short Waves Festival www.adarte.pl, www.shortwaves.pl

Co-financed by: Polish Film Institute, The project is co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

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